Diet Plus Cola – 10L Postmix Syrup


Sugar free diet cola, made locally from the best available ingredients.

” A great alternative to coke zero, that tastes just like it”

Makes 60L of product (5:1 concentrate)


Product Description

Diet Plus Cola – Postmix Syrup 10L

Sugar free diet cola.

Produced locally in Australia and prepared with the highest grade ingredients, Oz Postmix’s Diet Plus Cola has been crafted for maximum customer satisfaction.

In blind testing, many customers are unable to tell the difference between Diet Plus Cola and the expensive alternatives.

A Great Mix of Quality and Value

10L Diet Plus Cola – 5:1 concentrate, makes 60L (240 x 250ml drinks)

Online price only $85.00 including GST

Available with free shipping – no minimum order required.


This product is designed to be connected using the Sholle attachment. This is the standard attachment for generic post mix companies in Australia.

What if my machine doesn’t have Scholle fittings?

If your machine uses Coke or Schweppes/Pepsi fittings, please let us know, as we have a range of adapters to allow our syrups to be used on your machine.

We’ll even provide you with up to 6 adapters free (1 per flavour ordered) on your first order.

If you require an adaptor to use this product, simply let us know using the notes section in your order. Tell us whether you’re currently using Coke or Schweppes/Pepsi fittings and we’ll include the adapter/s in your order.

Click here to find out more about the available adapters.

Additional Information

Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 38 x 25 x 20 cm